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======(SAT. July 19, 2014):

Not much in the fucking news today other than the anti-Russian-propaganda following the accidental shoot-down of a passenger-jet in Ukraine, Israel needing to defend itself again from attacks by hate-filled Arab/Muslim-ingrates, and illegal-aliens invading our nation with complicity of our gov't...

======(SUN. July 20, 2014):

Statist Alert! In Glendora (CA), fascist-gov't is threatening a couple with contradictory-fines (i.e., $500 for "wasting" water during a drought, or, $500 for letting their lawn dry-up while conserving water); the victims are only identified as "Laura & Mark"...

News-Quick: Ex-Rep. Ron Paul nobly defended Pres. Putin amidst the war-mongering, downed-plane propaganda by the McCain-crowd, et al. ... Chicago had 40-shot this weekend (and it wasn't even a holiday); only four died, however, this time around...

Good-News/Bad-News: The good-news is that it's the anniversary of the First Moon-Walk; the bad-news is that it's also the anniversary of the death of Bruce Lee (RIP, my long-time hero)...

Here're some worthy editorials:'s Sheldon Richman, who explains the difference between libertarian "non-interventionism" and the "isolationism"-smear that is always wielded by the war-mongering statists (e.g., McCain, King, Cheney, et al.); InfoWars's Tony Cartalucci, who takes-on the anti-Russian / anti-Putin propaganda that had been brewing before the recent plane-downing (the same crowd that lied about Assad's alleged-"gassings" in Syria, etc.); InfoWars's Paul Craig Roberts, who offers lotsa interesting facts about the downed-plane that run counter to the anti-Russian / anti-Putin propaganda; and, WND's Andrew Napolitano, who rails against the Obama-Regime's chilling of freespeech (that would've made J. Edgar Hoover & the "COINTELPRO"-crowd proud)...

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Evelyn Taft NewsBabe Alert!
CBS/KCAL's Evelyn Taft is another leggy-babe
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======(MON. July 21, 2014):

5 Statist Alerts! In Fruitland Park (FL), the local police-dep't initiates cops into the KKK (e.g., "police-chief" J.M. Isom, George Hunnewell, David Borst & James Elkins)... In NJ, gov't is persecuting an out-of-state mom for having had a legally-carried concealed-gun in her car (because NJ doesn't recognize PA's permits, you see); the victim is Ms. Shaneen Allen, a multiple-crime-victim who's now facing a mandatory-minimum felony (with what should've been nothing more than a mere traffic-ticket). [Gun-permits ought be treated like driver's licenses among the states. Perhaps this can be the case that brings that about]... In D.C., the corrupt "IRS" arrogantly wants to destroy another 3,200 hard-drives a few days after it admitted to Congress that "IRS"-boss Lois Lerner's hard-drive / emails were destroyed amid the "tea-party targeting" scandal... Also in D.C., a District-"judge" (William Griesbach) abetted ObamaCare-elitism (i.e., he threw out a challenge to Congress's ObamaCare-subsidies that us regular-folk don't get); GOP-Sen. Ron Johnson (who brought the challenge) says that such special-treatment for Congress breaks the law... Also in D.C., the "TSA" tripled its so-called "security-fee" burden that plane-travelers have to needlessly bear. [Isn't that "great": you get frustrated with a long-wait, sexually-molested, porno-scanned, berated & humiliated -- and then you're charged a "fee" for such indignity!]...

======(TUES. July 22, 2014):

News-Quick: The anti-Russian "Buk Missile-Launcher" video has been debunked (it was video'd 75-miles away from the Russian-border & 50-miles away from the shoot-down inside a Kiev-controlled area); Obama'crat John Kerry cited the video as "evidence" of Russian-involvement in the passenger-plane shoot-down... Kiev won't release air-traffic control-recordings of the plane shoot-down... "NSA"-snoops enjoyed & shared intercepted nude-pics & sextings of private-citizens that had nothing to do with "fighting terrorism" (according to whistleblower Edward Snowden)... Federal Appeals-courts gave conflcting rulings on ObamaCare regarding subsidies (which might have to go to the Supreme Court to resolve)... In Philadelphia (PA), machete-wielding Muslim-"imams" tried to chop-off a congregant's hand inside the mosque for stealing (as required by "Islamic Shariah-Law", you see); one was identified & arrested (i.e., "Mabul Shoatz")...

======(WEDS. July 23, 2014):

======(THURS. July 24, 2014):

======(FRI. July 25, 2014):

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