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======(SAT. Jan. 24, 2015):

9 Statist Alerts! In D.C., it's bad-enough that Obama's "DOJ/DEA" is creating fake Facebook-pages using real-people but it's worse that they're doing it without those peoples' consent (e.g., Ms. Sondra Arquiett, who was victimized by their stupid "drug war"-crusade back in 2010)... Also in D.C., a Federal-"judge" gave a journalist over 5-yrs prison for posting a web-link that featured hacked gov't-data (a web-link that was available to any other journalist who didn't get persecuted); the victim is Mr. Barrett Brown (who also must "pay-back" $890,000 for no rational reason!)... In KY, a drunk-driving GOP-legislator (Brandon Smith) thinks he's above the law (whereby he arrogantly cites some archaic state-law that says something about officials being "privileged from arrest")... In UT, traffic-cops MUST seize cars that have no insurance (after legislators re-worded a dictate that gave the cops discretion on such seizures)... In Bayonne (NJ), a badged-thug (Domenico Lillo) permanently disfigured a subdued-man in a flashlight-beating after fascistically barging into his home & pepper-spraying his mom (the man was wanted on some kind of warrant, you see); the victim is Mr. Brandon Walsh... In S.F. (CA), badged-thugs tried to tip a crippled-man out of his wheelchair onto the hard-pavement (because he came over to see why they were hassling his friends on the street); the victim is Mr. Bo Frierson (who fortunately has video-evidence)... In Sacramento (CA), a veteran-"deputy" (identified only as "424") routinely parks in handicap-spaces & hassles drivers who challenge her; a recent-victim who reported it is unidentified... In Twentynine Palms (CA), a gov't-school bus-driver (Alex Gomez) was arrested for child-molestation & child-porn (his victims were aged 4 & 8)... In NV, "Shariah"-like officials (e.g., "health"-crat Mary Woods) are plotting to chase-away the porn-industry (i.e., plotting to impose a discriminatory, product-destroying "condom"-dictate on the actors); a similar-"fatwa" was imposed in the L.A.-area (with NV then profitting by the revenue-generating industrial-exodus)...

======(SUN. Jan. 25, 2015):

News-Quick: Greeks voted against the banksters that've been ruining their country (i.e., they elected an anti-"E.U."-coalition party); the party, however, includes various Commies... North Korea called Pres. Obama a "loser" (because he called North Korea what it really is -- i.e., "the most isolated, the most sanctioned, the most cut-off nation on Earth" that'll inevitably collapse)... "Glo-baloney" con-man Al Gore wants to spend $90-trillion to ban cars in major-cities; his partner in statist-crime is ex-Mexican-prez Felipe Calderon... In Pasadena (CA), a Target-store caused an autistic-employee to kill himself (i.e., management falsely-accused him of "stealing" and then "shamed" him by parading him around in handcuffs amid an interrogation -- without an arrest or apology)...

Here're some worthy editorials:'s Murtaza Hussain, who sets the record straight on Saudi Arabia's oft-eulogized dead-dictator ("King Abdullah");'s Michael Stone, who also reminds us how evil the Saudi-dictator was; CapMag's Walter Williams, who warns us about European-style "no-go zones" -- aka "Shariah Micro-States" -- that multicultural-elitists are trying to bring to America; and,'s Arvin Vohra, who gives the Libertarian Party's response to Obama's State-Of-The-Union address...

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