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======(SAT. Aug. 23, 2014):

10 Statist Alerts! In Oklahoma City (OK), a scumbag-"cop" (Daniel Holtzclaw) was arrested for serial-rape while in uniform (i.e., 7-women over several-months, including a 57-yr-old grandma); the evil-creep threatened to arrest his victims if they didn't "comply" with his rape-demands... In Fairfield (CT), a scumbag-"trooper" (Aaron Huntsman) pled guilty to stealing $8,000 in cash & jewelry from a dying crash-victim (as evidenced by his dash-cam)... In St. Louis County (MO), a veteran-"cop" (Dan Page) that pushed a CNN-reporter in Ferguson got suspended for giving a controversial speech that was racist and homophobic (while describing himself as a "killer" that people ought avoid being "in front of")... Also in St. Louis County (MO), Dem.-Gov. Jay Nixon won't replace the controversial prosecutor in the Ferguson-shooting case (i.e., Bob McCulloch, whose cop-dad was murdered by a black-man and whose family now has ties to the St. Louis County-police)... In Ferguson (MO), the official police-report of the "Mike Brown"-killing has nothing except names & dates after nearly two-weeks (i.e., the police-dep't is covering-up "ofc." Darren Wilson's murder that can only be explained-away by committing acts of perjury)... Also in Ferguson (MO), the killer-"cop" (Darren Wilson) is having his friends spread lies about his "fractured" eye-socket that doesn't exist in reality (i.e., there're no pictures, eyewitnesses or police-report accounts of such an injury)... In Washington County (OR), female prison-employees (Brett Robinson & Jill Curry) were arrested for having sex with a male-prisoner (that happens to be a violent sex-predator)... In Siloam Springs (AR), "Shariah"-like gov't is persecuting a lady-teacher over an affair with a lucky-student (who went to her house on a friend's dare, and who told the cops that it was consensual!); the "fatwa"-victim is Ms. Mary McCormick (who's a married-mom)... In Sacramento (CA), Dem.-legislator Ben Hueso was arrested for drunk-driving after being photographed getting sloshed on a Capitol-balcony with other legislators... In Fairfield (CA), two-cops (Stephen Ruiz & Jacob Glashoff) used police-databases to screen potential-dates from Internet-sites...

======(SUN. Aug. 24, 2014):

News-Quick: In Staten Island (NY), "Eric Garner"-supporters showed-up by the thousands to protest his chokehold-murder by an NYPD-coward... Rap-mogul Suge Knight got shot & wounded multiple-times at a pre-VMA-party hosted by woman-beater Chris Brown; there has been no arrest at this time. [Interestingly, another report said that Brown was the only one not ducking or panicking during the gun-fire as if he knew that he wouldn't be shot-at (i.e., he was probably friends of the shooter or shooters, and/or might've been involved in arranging it)]...

Here're some worthy editorials: TenthAmendmentCenter's John Whitehead, who decries AmeriKa's Police-State by saying, "We live in a state of undeclared martial-law. We have become the enemy."; InfoWars's Chuck Baldwin, who decries the militarization of our police that was evident during Ruby Ridge & Waco (and that became entrenched with the creation of "DHS" & "Patriot Act"); DailyBeast's Michael Daly, who recounts the horrible story about the Ferguson-cops arresting the wrong-man -- Mr. Henry Davis -- that they then beat-up (and charged with the "crime" of bleeding on their uniforms!); and, WashingtonPost's Ishaan Tharoor, who wonders if Pres. Putin was right about supporting Syria's Pres. Assad (given that his main-opposition has been the CIA-trained, Saudi-funded "ISIS"-terrorists that the Putin-hating John McCain once embraced in order to topple Assad)...

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======(MON. Aug. 25, 2014):

6 Statist Alerts! In Grand Rapids (MI), a gov't-school "teacher" (Mike Kaechele) evilly tells kids that black-riot-looting is not a crime but a "political-protest" akin to the Boston Tea Party (and that you're a "white-privileged racist" if you don't share that perverted-view)... In New London (CT), the Feds' 2nd-Circuit appeals-court upheld a lower-court's defense of police-dep'ts' refusal to hire high-I.Q. applicants (i.e., the courts upheld discrimination); the victim is Mr. Robert Jordan. [So that explains why there're so many sadistic, brutal & murderous goons running around with uniforms & badges. (And to think that such morons now have access to sophisticated military-weapons. May Yahweh help us!)]... In San Bernardino County (CA), unidentified "deputy"-cowards abused a special-needs girl (i.e., they falsely accused her of being on "meth" due to her "Fetal Alcohol Syndrome"-condition, falsely arrested her as part of a "gang-sweep" even though she's a tiny white-girl who was humbly waiting for a bus, and then let her sit in a crowded jail-cell with bruised-wrists for 11-hours without food or water); the victim is Ms. Kylee Olsen... In Ferguson (MO), "National Guard"-troops are still there despite the guv's order for their withdrawal last Thursday... In CA, Dem.-Gov. Jerry Brown signed the "smartphone kill-switch"-bill into dictate (that forces companies like Apple & Samsung to install it in the name of "fighting crime-theft" when doing business inside CA). [Yep. Gov't wants that to censor us (just like the car kill-switches)]... Across AmeriKa, the Burger King-company wants to become a Canadian-company due to their better taxes (i.e., we're now apparently more socialist than Canada on the tax-front!)...

======(TUES. Aug. 26, 2014):

News-Quick: Mike Brown's murder-audio shows 11-shots with a pause halfway through (i.e., the Ferguson-cop probably hesitated when he saw Brown's hands-up in surrender before continuing with his rage-filled murder)... Over 92-percent of Saudis believe that "ISIS"-terrorists conform to Islam's values & laws (i.e., that pseudo-"religion" is Pure Evil at its undiluted-core). [And it also says that Saudis are an enemy of the Civilized-World]... Palestinian-kids wish that Hamas-rockets could hit the U.S. (according to an Al-Jazeera video that has been censored in the terrorist-appeasing Western-media). [Those Mideast-kids are growing-up being propagandized to hate us while our own kids are being lied to that U.S.-actions cause such people to hate us]... Medical errors kill 500,000 Americans per-year (according to med-expert Joe Graedon). [And that number will surely increase as ObamaCare kicks-in because it'll attract less-skilled med-personnel due to increase demand amid less-profit and more bureaucratic harassment that chase-away the real-professionals]...

======(WEDS. Aug. 27, 2014):

======(THURS. Aug. 28, 2014):

======(FRI. Aug. 29, 2014):

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