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======(SAT. Oct. 25, 2014):

11 Statist Alerts! In D.C., the Obama-Regime interrupted TV with an "EAS-alert" & warned us not to use our phones in TX, MI, GA & NC (though there was no message offered); AT&T is blaming an unnamed "radio-station" (though only the Feds can send-out such an alert). [It was just a Police-State test to get us used to "obeying"]... Also in D.C., the Obama-Regime still lets the "IRS" seize Americans' bank-savings despite having committed no crime (a fascist-practice that was popular during the Bush-Regime in the name of "Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000")... In Charlestown (IN), tyrannical city'crats (e.g. "mayor" Bob Hall) are plotting to "eminently" destroy 350-homes against our Fellow-Americans' will (as a sacrifice to the "higher-good" of "the city", you see, that can bring in tax-accruing developers, etc.); the greedy-tyrants arbitrarily declared the targeted-neighborhood as "blight" (because it has blue-collar folk living amid WWII-era housing)... In Philadelphia (PA), state-gov't is plotting to destroy a man's rare wine-collection that agents seized (because he might've sold a few bottles to friends in violating an archaic-"law"); the neo-Prohibition-victim is Mr. Arthur Goldman... In L.A. (CA), an unidentified badged-thug punted a subdued-suspect's head while other badged-thugs held him down for sadistic fun; the victim is Mr. Clinton Alford (who fortunately survived the meaningless "drug-arrest")... In Tavares (FL), a badged-goon (named "Atkinson") falsely detained a photo-journalist for taking pictures of a courthouse (& ignoring the goon's demands for identification); the victim is Mr. Jeff Gray... In Caldwell (ID), badged-goons harass citizens for video'ing them doing their jobs... In Menifee (CA), a council'critter (Thomas Fuhrman) was arrested for various corruption-charges (i.e., 8-felonies & 7-misdemeanors)... In SC, a state "house-speaker" (Bobby Harrell) pled guilty to various corruption-charges (whereby he resigned amid 3-yrs probation & a $30,000-fine)... In CA, sleazy "CHP"-highway-cops (e.g., Sean Harrington, Robert Hazelwood & Dion Simmons) seize & share naked-pics of female "DUI"-suspects; part of their scheme is to force their victims to give them cellphone-passwords (which has nothing to do with their driving-habits)... In Mission Viejo (CA), "Shariah"-like gov't is persecuting a lady-teacher for allegedly flirting via text with a lucky-student; the "fatwa"-victim is Ms. Kristen Roush (who was arrested with a $50,000-bail for harming or touching no one!)...

======(SUN. Oct. 26, 2014):

News-Quick: Islamic-Iran evilly hanged a rape-victim because she killed her attacker in self-defense; the murder-victim is Ms. Reyhaneh Jabbari. [Say a prayer for that brave, noble woman who had the bad-luck of being born into an irrational religious-tyranny that hates women; she was a rare person-of-virtue there that got snuffed-out]... A career-criminal illegal Mexican-alien (Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte) murdered a couple of deputies in Northern CA; the monster was deported a few times but easily re-entered America to do it harm...

Here're some worthy editorials:'s Sheldon Richman, who sees a great similarity between Obama & Bush on foreign-policy; CapMag's John Stossel, who decries the "crumbling constitution" (courtesy of the one Repubocrat / Demblican Party); Townhall's Ron Paul, the Good-Rep who decries the Repubocrat / Demblican support of mandatory national-service (that is un-American & anti-Liberty); WND's Andrew Napolitano, the Good-Judge who lambastes FBI-boss James Comey's pretense of upholding the constitution (while his agents are free to use the "patriot act" to violate it); and,'s Chris Cantwell, who gives compassionate libertarian-advice to anyone on the brink-of-violence due to statist police/gov't-abuse...

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It's been awhile since we squirted hot cum to
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======(MON. Oct. 27, 2014):

6 Statist Alerts! In D.C., warrantless "patriot act"-searches are 99.6-percent non-terrorist-related (according to Congress.-reports)... Also in D.C., the Obama-Feds want Amtrak to view cash ticket-purchases as "suspicious`' (among other innocent-behaviors that we all do)... Also in D.C., the Obama-Regime pressured NY's Gov. Cuomo to end his ebola-quarantine for no rational reason; it's not known what threats the regime made to him and/or what bribes were offered... In Philadelphia (PA), an unidentified badged-thug threatened to beat-up a teen for looking at him in the eye (i.e., the cop had a gang-banger / street-thug mind-set)... In San Bernardino (CA), a scumbag-"cop" (Jose Perez) got 25-yrs prison for raping hookers while on-duty. [Let's pray that he now gets raped behind bars (for some real Justice)]... In PA, State-Police are now ominously using spy-balloons (which they got from the state of OH)...

======(TUES. Oct. 28, 2014):

News-Quick: Ebola can be gotten from toilet-seats (is what experts are now admitting)... The Obama-Regime vows to bring more ebola-victims into the U.S. (according to a State Dep't memo)... ISIS-terrorists train little-boys to behead people & shoot machine-guns (which they call the "School of Jihad"). [Meanwhile, our kids are staring at cellphones with slack-jaws when not hugging trees and zoo-animals in worshipping the leftists' pagan-god, "The Environment"]... Islamic-Iran executed a record 852-people in 15-months amid amputating & torturing prisoners for apparent political-"crimes" (according to a U.N.-report)... WWII-era Nazis were used as spies by the U.S.-Gov't (including SS-officers involved in war-crimes); the CIA even tried to stop investigations in the matter to allegedly save face (or to maintain loyalty to a plotted Fourth Reich perhaps?)...

======(WEDS. Oct. 29, 2014):

11 Statist Alerts! In D.C., the "FBI" creates fake web news-stories to plant p.c.-spyware on suspects' computers (e.g., a "Seattle Times"-link that was emailed to a suspect)... Also in D.C., the Obama-Feds are suspected of hacking & deleting a CBS-reporter's computers over a Benghazi-investigation; the victim is Ms. Sharyl Attkisson... Also in D.C., the "BLM" is retaliating against the defiant Bundy-rancher in Nevada (i.e., seeking a new land-grab in the name of "protecting the environment"); their "Resource Management Plan" (that wields something called "Areas Of Critical Environmental Concern") is being hidden from those who will be directly affected by it (i.e., the residents of Nevada)... Also in D.C., the "USPS" granted 49,000-requests by law-enforcement to track Americans' mail amid a program that lacked proper-approval, justification & annual-reviews (according to a gov't-audit)... In MD, electronic voting-machines are switching Republican votes to Democrat (as is also occurring in other states at this time)... In Detroit (MI), corrupt-gov't is extorting $30,000 from a man over a bogus child-support case (i.e., officials are proceeding even though a DNA-test backed his denial and the mother admitted that she falsely used his name to collect welfare); the gov't-fraud victim is Mr. Carnell Alexander (who was also falsely accused of refusing to sign a summons at a house he wasn't at whereby he was arrested as a "dead-beat dad" when it went to warrant without him even being aware of it all)... In Pharr (TX), a scumbag-"cop" (Erasmo Mata Jr.) was indicted by a grand-jury of raping a girl while other "cops" watched; the Texas Rangers investigated this horrible crime. [Sounds like he's of a corrupt "Third World"-mindset like a Mexican-"federali" or something. How much ya wanna bet that he's really a foreigner?]... In NYC, foulmouthed "NYPD"-thugs falsely-arrested, roughed-up & strip-searched a man for video'ing them (and citing the law that requires them to show their badge-numbers); the victim is Mr. Jose LaSalle... In St. George (UT), "Shariah"-like gov't shut-down a Halloween-party over dancing (Mr. Jared Keddington needed to secure a "permit" a "month in advance", you see, even though there's nothing in the city-code that mentions a time-period)... In Middleborough (MA), edu'crats (Bristol-Plymouth Regional's "sup't" Richard Gross) suspended a few kids for posting pellet-gun pics on Facebook which was done at home during non-school hours (i.e., they were merely exercising constitutional rights of freespeech in private on their own time); two victims are Tito Velez & Jamie Peirera... In L.A. (CA), an "LAPD"-pervert (Ryan Galliher) was arrested for doing a "lewd-act" on a jogging-trail early in the morning in Huntington Beach (i.e., flashing his dick at passersby and/or masturbating)...

======(THURS. Oct. 30, 2014):

3 Statist Alerts! In L.A. (CA), "TSA"-morons confiscated a "ray gun" belt-buckle for no sane reason... In Salt Lake City (UT), a drunken Federal-"cop" (Byron McDonald) was arrested after pulling a gun on an Uber-driver (whose life he also verbally threatened); the victim is Mr. James Brothers... In Douglas County (GA), an unidentified leftist poll-worker forced a voter to remove his NRA-hat in order to vote; the censorship-victim is Mr. Bundy Cobb (who's an NRA-instructor)...

Good-News: NY's high-court nobly re-legalized uncle/niece adult-incest (marriage); the nearby state of RI also recognizes such a right. [What about aunt/nephew-incest which is just as worthy (especially if you have a hot-aunt that you always wanted to fuck at family-gatherings)?!]...

======(FRI. Oct. 31, 2014):

News-Quick: Non-citizen vote-fraud is goin' on in NC & MD... Legal- & illegal-aliens got 71-percent of new-jobs in NH... Ebola can be spread via sneezing (according to the "CDC" that finally admitted it); meanwhile, the "CDC" is eerily buying body-bags (in anticipation of ebola-deaths, no doubt)... Packs of feral-blacks are now beating-up Jews as some kind of "game" (at least in Brooklyn, NY)...

Story-of-the-Week-- could've gone to the one about the "My Ebola 'Obola'" music-video (that mocks Obama, of course), OR, the "teletubby" that robbed a home of Chinese-food (that he stuffed into his man-purse), OR, the guy who got a foot-long fish stuck in his anus (and an Internet-video to complete the humiliation)--but goes to the one about the naked-guy that raped a lady's dog in her yard in front of her (while claiming that "ISIS" sent him there)...

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