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======(SAT. Aug. 30, 2014):

News-Quick: The "Fort Hood"-terrorist now wants to join the "ISIS" caliphate-nation (while our irrational gov't still pretends that he's merely a common "workplace-violence" case that has nothing to do with Islam); "ISIS", by the way, is cruelly forcing kids to watch beheadings, stonings & crucifixions... Obama's politically-correct "FBI" appeasingly omitted Muslim-terrorists as a direct-threat inside the U.S. (but did mention right-wing militia-members & sovereign-citizens in its report)... A Whitehall townhouse-complex in Ohio is forcing an 86-yr-old lady to remove her U.S.-flag that she has flown for 36-years; the censorship-victim is Ms. Julia Lease, who's nobly rebelling (with the help of flag-waving protesters)... The Arctic ice-cap is thicker & has grown another 1.7-million square-kilometers (to the chagrin of "global-warming" con-man, Al Gore, who hysterically predicted that it would've been non-existent by this time)...

Some Good-News: Super-sexy "granny" Joan Rivers is now in "stable"-condition; let's pray that she continues to get better... The harmless practice of so-called "polygamy" has finally been decriminalized in Utah by a rare Good-Judge (i.e., U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups, who seems to understand the meaning of American Liberty and Individual Rights)... Ultra-leftist Harry Reid had his worthless name stripped from a college-building that was his Alma Mater...

======(SUN. Aug. 31, 2014):

Statist Alert! In Omaha (NE), a fascist-"cop" (James Kinsella) only got probation for feloniously violating an American-citizen's rights (i.e., entering a home without a warrant to seize a video-camera that caught the cops brutalizing a family-member outside the home)...

Here're some worthy editorials: CapMag's Keith Weiner, who argues in this first-of-a-series that "bad governance" is leading America towards a Third World-like "death of good-will" (interesting!); TheNation's Zoe Carpenter, who sounds the alarm on the growing-problem of cops sex-assaulting our American-Women (e.g., the horrendous "Ofc. Daniel Holtzclaw"-case); NewsMax's sexy Dr. Laura, who rails against school-bullying that seems to be tolerated by the edu'crats (e.g., the horrendous "Christian Stanfield"-case); and, HollywoodReporter's sexy Camille Paglia, who pays homage to legendary comedienne Joan Rivers in her time of need...

Amy Morrison This week's home-shopping "pussy-pick" goes to HSN's
Amy Morrison, an angelic babe who probably gives
heavenly blowjobs to lucky-cocks! Check-out Sweet Amy's
hot-legs & -feet in this JPEG-series that is sure to get you off:
[Amy Morrison-01] [Amy Morrison-02] [Amy Morrison-03]
[Amy Morrison-04] [Amy Morrison-05] [Amy Morrison-06]

Stephanie Simmons NewsBabe Alert!
CBS/KCAL's Stephanie Simmons is a real treat for our morning-erections
(especially when she shakes her super-hot ass)! Check-out Sexy Steph in this
JPEG-series that focuses on her amazing, white-encased tits:
[Stephanie-01] [Stephanie-02] [Stephanie-03]
[Stephanie-04] [Stephanie-05] [Stephanie-06]

======(MON. Sept. 1, 2014):

2 Statist Alerts! In Cape May (NJ), an off-duty "TSA"-creep racistly embarrassed a white-dad if front of his adopted Chinese-daughters (i.e., the unidentified-bureaucrat assumed he was "exploiting" them as under-aged "Internet rent-a-brides" by merely taking family-pictures of them); the victims are the Gates-family... In Snohomish County (WA), "Shariah"-like gov't is persecuting a bikini-clad coffee-stand owner & a Sheriff's sergeant who tried to shield her (gov't claims she's a "madam" who is "money-laundering", you see, because her workers do sexy-things for extra-tips); the "fatwa"-victims are Ms. Carmela Panico & Sgt. Darrell O'Neill (a rare good-cop!)...

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