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======(SAT. Dec. 13, 2014):

News-Quick: ISIS-terrorists behead Christian-kids and justify child-rape (as well as adult sex-slavery); they also throw gay-people off roof-tops (for their bogus-god "allah", of course)... In Chicago (IL), a small pack of feral-blacks racistly bullied an old white-man on a subway-train (and video'd it for sadistic "fun" on the Internet)... Across America, anti-police-brutality protests occurred in all the major-cities again (with more people than before)...

======(SUN. Dec. 14, 2014):

3 Statist Alerts! In D.C., the "u.s." Senate also passed the monstrous $1.1-trillion spending-bill that abets illegal-aliens and banksters... In PA, the corrupt state-court is forcing a man to pay a bogus $280,772 tax-bill (that was admittedly an arbitrary-number merely to get him to contact the city); the victim is Mr. Nathan Lerner (who didn't perfectly follow the convoluted bureaucratic-rules of the corrupt appeals-process, you see)... In Queens (NY), an NYPD-"cop" (Gerardo Laera) stole $7,000-worth of checks (that he nabbed from a store that he moonlighted at)...

Here're some worthy editorials:'s Jeffrey Tucker, who sees a link between the "Tea Party", "Occupy" & "I-Can't-Breathe" movements (that the statists don't want us to discover);'s Daniel Ameduri, who let his 5-yr-old see the Eric Garner murder-video to teach him the reality of statist-led policing (a kid -- still in touch with his humanity & common-sense -- who immediately knew who the bad-guys were without any coaching); WND's sexy Ilana Mercer, who honors Eric Garner's "Don't-Tread-On-Me" libertarian entrepreneurship (whose horrible death is reminiscent of Carol Anne Gotbaum's at the evil hands of the non-indicted "Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport"-cops); TenthAmendmentCenter's John Whitehead, who decries our gov't's "rigged-game" while citing a list of statist-incidents (as a preview of his new book, "A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State"); & LewRockwell's Andrew Napolitano, the Good-Judge who says that major-crimes have been committed by gov't-hired "war criminals, perjurers, computer hackers and thugs" (if Congress's CIA/torture-report is true)...

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======(MON. Dec. 15, 2014):

6 Statist Alerts! In D.C., the corrupt "u.s." Supremes abetted more police-anarchy (i..e., the pigs can conveniently be ignorant of the law and still prosecute citizens when stumbling upon evidence of other crimes); the case stems from Mr. Nick Heien, who got imprisoned for cocaine-possession after a stupid-"cop" falsely stopped his car for no legal-reason... Also in D.C., the "V.A." has been lying about its level of review of delayed-cases that caused vet-deaths (i.e., it claims it looked back to 1999 when it only looked back to 2007 -- which lowered the vet-death number)... Also in D.C., the "V.A." still makes vets wait over a month to see a doctor (which affects over 600,000-vets)... In San Jose (CA), a badged-thug (Phillip White) tweeted death-threats in the context of mocking "I-Can't-Breathe" protesters... In Edison (NJ), gov't-school "teachers" (Tyler Van Pelt, Maria Weber & Maryellen Lechelt) are in trouble for mocking special-needs kids that they work with... In L.A. County (CA), the Fed Appeals-"court" upheld a collectivistic anti-porn dictate (i.e., the voter-imposed mob-ordinance that dictates the use of condoms in porn-films -- which will destroy the industry because consumers don't watch porn featuring them)...

======(TUES. Dec. 16, 2014):

News-Quick: "Taliban"-Muslims mass-murdered 130-kids in Pakistan... 9,000 Muslim-refugees will be re-settled inside the U.S. for no rational reason; they're from Syria (i.e., ISIS-terrorists will surely be included among them)... 13.5-million young-Americans (18-to-34 yr-olds) live in poverty and 46-million Americans are on food-stamps (according to gov't-stats)... Saudi Arabia & the U.S. are undermining Russia's economy (by manipulating oil-prices to devalue the ruble); the goal seems to be to destabilize Russia to get it to submit to the global-elites' "New World Order"-plans... Sony continued its appeasement of North Korea (i.e., telling theater-owners that it would be okay if they censored "The Interview"-movie that mocks Dictator Kim Jong-Un); last week, Sony-CEO Kazuo Hirai evilly told movie-makers to "tone down" the Kim-scenes (as if a rights-violating murderer ever has rights that need be respected)... "RINO" prez-wannabe Chris Christie was hangin' out with Obama again (i.e., perhaps he's setting himself up to be Hillary's partner as a Democrat)... "RINO" prez-wannabe Jeb Bush is running (i.e., he's hangin' out in SC while pondering what a good oligarch, er, prez he'd be)...

======(WEDS. Dec. 17, 2014):

Sony Caves-In To North Korean Terror-Threat; Censors Movies!
Yep. It pulled "The Interview"-movie (that was to be released in theaters on Christmas) after getting a terrorist-threat; as a result of Sony's capitulation, New Regency also cancelled production of the "Pyongyang"-movie...

Obama Caves-In To Red Cuba; Swaps Spies!
Yep. And he did so while also pretending that Red Cuba is anything but a rights-violating tyranny...

8 Statist Alerts! In Victoria (TX), a badged-bully (Nate Robinson) tackled & taser-tortured a 76-yr-old man over car-dealer plates on his car; the victim (Mr. Pete Vasquez) fortunately survived the assault... In Spokane Valley (WA), "sheriff" Ozzie Knezovich says that military-vehicles are for use against "constitutionalists"; he also verbally-attacked for reporting his traitorous, fascistic view... In Dallas (TX), the U.S.-military scared residents with low-flying black-helicopters at night (as part of some ominous "urban drill")... In Beavercreek (OH), it's bad-enough that cops immediately shot-dead a customer carrying an unpackaged BB-gun but it's worse that they then interrogated his distraught girlfriend in a cruel-way; the victim is Ms. Tasha Thomas and her victimizer is some creature called "ofc. Rodney Curd" (who looks like a real moron)... In Riverside County (CA), "social-service"-crats routinely seize babies & kids without a warrant or even a reason (according to a class-action law-suit being filed)... In Kansas City (MO), a gov't-school "bus-driver" (at Gracemor Elem.) cruelly took away a blind-boy's cane (because the gov't-creep claims he "hit" a fellow-student with it when, in fact, he was merely raising it to help himself walk); the victim is 8-yr-old Dakota Nafzinger... In NY, Dem.-Gov. Andrew Cuomo arbitrarily banned fracking (based upon some unsubstantiated "health"-concern he has)... Across AmeriKa, various state-gov'ts (AK, LA, DE, VT & SC) banned powdered-alcohol before it even hit the market (because it might harm "The Children", you see)...

======(THURS. Dec. 18, 2014):

News-Quick: Following appeasers Sony & New Regency, Paramount censored its 10-yr-old "Team America"-movie (because it mocks N. Korea's tyranny)... North Korea put commando-units inside the U.S. to destroy nuke-plants during the '90s... Red China tested a multi-warhead ICBM (which got its start with U.S.-info it somehow obtained during the corrupt Clinton-Regime that might've given it to them)... Despot-sucking peanut-farmer Jimmy Carter is proud of Obama's embrace of Red Cuba (because such-appeasement is to somehow "benefit" Communist-slaves)... ISIS-terrorists cowardly mass-murdered 150 Iraqi-women for resisting forced-marriage and rape (in the name of "Islam", of course)...

======(FRI. Dec. 19, 2014):

4 Statist Alerts! In Stanardsville (VA), a gov't-school & deputy handcuffed, arrested & terrorized a 4-yr-old child for the "crime" of acting like a 4-yr-old; the pre-school child-abuse occurred at "Nathanael Greene Primary School"... In Trenton (NJ), badged-morons (& "ass. pros." William Fisher) jsiled a guy with paralyzed-arms for "gun-possession'` (even when his friends in the car say that the gun wasn't his); the victim (Mr. Marcus Hubbard) is still in jail after 4-months ... In NY, State-gov't unconstitutionally eliminated toy-gun sales at various stores (e.g., Wal-Mart, Amazon, K-Mart, Sears & Toy Arsenal)... In D.C., the "u.s." Supremes won't let AZ deny driver's licenses to illegal-aliens (whose State-law allegedly has "no legal basis" because the Feds merely say so)...

Story-of-the-Week-- could've gone to the one about the drunk who drove on 4 flat-tires & a deployed-airbag (a DUI-arrest soon followed), OR, the por-smoking naked-guy who shit inside a police-station (an arrest soon ensued), OR, the anti-gay pastor who was arrested for sex-assaulting a man in public (his name "Gaylard" should've been a tip-off)--but goes to the one about the "penis-crucifix" necklace (perhaps it's that last-minute Christmas-gift item you've been looking for -- NOT!)...

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