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======(SAT. April 19, 2014):

There's some stuff to comment on today but I'll post it tomorrow because I got a late start and Easter Sunday is typically a slow news-day...

======(SUN. April 20, 2014):

News-Quick: Freed U.S. Army Ranger Lt. Michael Behenna wants us not to forget his falsely-imprisoned colleagues (who're still rotting in Leavenworth for killing terrorist-enemy in Iraq)... A Dept.-of-Ed. contractor ("Sallie Mae") over-charged U.S.-soldiers for student-loans (something they won't even do to illegal-aliens!)... U.S Special Forces troops are killing themselves in record-numbers (which has been going on for two-years now). [It's really hard to believe that the best-of-the-best, who've proven their determination and will-to-live through brutal bootcamps, would suddenly kill themselves like whiny losers. Either they're being subversively drugged into psychotic depressions and/or being murdered!]... Whistleblower Michael Ruppert allegedly killed himself after a recent radio-broadcast; the ex-LAPD-cop was famous for confronting Clinton's CIA-chief John Deutch about his agency's drug-dealing inside inner-cities. [I brushed into Mr. Ruppert at that townhall-meeting in 1996 at John Locke High School in South-Central L.A. (I was wearing an African "kufi"-hat and goatee near the far-wall opposite the stage). I remember that the place was filled with tension & creepy feelings (especially at seeing the cane-hobbled, shifty-eyed Deutch sitting there, whom you knew had plenty of "spooks" in the audience watching his back and storing data on those in attendance)]... MO's Marionville-"mayor" (Dan Clevenger) was a friend of the recent anti-Jewish shooter (Frazier Glenn Cross); he also made apparent anti-Semitic remarks about 10-yrs ago. [In assuming that he's an older-guy, that's not a long-time ago (i.e., he probably still holds the same worldview that is usually only radically altered during college-years)]... In Latta (SC), a newly-elected bigoted-"mayor" (Earl Bullard) unfairly fired a competent police-chief for being lesbian (Crystal Moore)... MT's ex-Dem.-Gov. Brian Schweitzer smeared patriot-rancher Cliven Bundy as a "grifter" (and also smeared his nationwide-supporters as "ne'er do-wells")... In Bunkerville (NV), "BLM"-jackboots illegally killed & buried a gov't-targeted rancher's cattle (as evidenced by Cliven Bundy's photos of a mass-grave). [Would they've done that to the family-members & local-supporters if alternative-media hadn't've exposed what was going on there?]... A "Bank of Utah"-plane from Ogden was spotted landed inside Islamic-Iran despite nuclear-sanctions. [It's probably a front involving the U.S.-Gov't, Carlyle / BinLadin Group, Rothschild, etc. (with-or-without the drug-smuggling)]...

Here're some worthy editorials: WND's sexy Barbara Simpson, who rips Reid a new asshole while proclaiming that the Bundy-incident was "textbook tyranny";'s William F. Jasper, who says that more "Bundy"-like incidents will occur simply from the sheer amount of land that the Feds have grabbed (check-out the ominous map-chart); and, InfoWars's Neil Clark, who points-out lotsa hypocrisies involving the Obama-Regime & ilk's recent fetish for Ukraine...

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======(MON. April 21, 2014):

6 Statist Alerts! In D.C., "u.s." Supreme Antonin Scalia doesn't see rights-violations in what the "NSA" is doing (and ominously said that "there are very few freedoms that are absolute")... Also in D.C., Obama wants to impose the highest sustained-taxation in U.S.-history (i.e., a 10-yr-stretch of 18.7-percent of the GDP)... Also in D.C., the "BLM"-fascists are plotting to seize more land in Texas (i.e., 90,000-acres along a 116-mile stretch on the TX/OK-border)... In CA, nearly 1,000-doctors were fraudulently listed as being a part of the state-exchange (probably to trick potential ObamaCare-users into thinking that they had lotsa choices during open-enrollment)... In Georgetown (TX), an unidentified badged-bully was seen tripping & shoving highschool-girls (who were merely celebrating their soccer-team's victory on the field like eveyone else was doing)... In OK, greedy legislators passed a bill that'll impose "surcharges" (taxes) on home solar-panels & wind-turbines (which'll apparently go to the even-more-greedy state-utilities). [Isn't the purpose of installing solar-panels & wind-turbines to reduce one's utility-cost while "sparing" the power-grid? And if so, then why do it if one will now be taxed for it?]...

======(TUES. April 22, 2014):

News-Quick: The Oklahoma Militia will protect the Bundy Ranch in NV against any future Fed-attacks (because they believe it's a proverbial "line-in-the-sand" that's coming their way anyway); the patriotic group consists of 50,000-volunteers... Texans are getting anxious over a potential "BLM" land-grab (that riled State Atty.-Gen. Greg Abbott to give a rebellious speech)... Oppressed-Chinese beat-up a handful of Communist "Chengguan-officers" that abused a female street-vendor (and then killed a man who video'd it)... Red China wants to seize a Japanese-ship based on a WWII-debt (i.e., the Chi-Coms are warmongering again); it also censored thousands of websites & social-media accounts in the bogus name of "fighting porn"... An imprisoned serial-rapist (Chris Hubbart) will be released to live in the Lake Los Angeles/Palmdale-area of CA; the dangerous scum-bag raped over 40-women in the '70s & '80s (and allegedly in the '90s when temporarily released). [When he does it again, will the "judge" that freed him also be arrested as an accessory to his latest-crime?]...

======(WEDS. April 23, 2014):

======(THURS. April 24, 2014):

======(FRI. April 25, 2014):

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