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======(SAT. Oct. 18, 2014):

6 Statist Alerts! In D.C., the "FBI"-chief (James "Commie" Comey) wants Congress to ban cellphone-encryption (as he pretends to be a friend-of-liberty because he was allegedly skeptical of Bush's warrantless-spying as deputy atty.-gen.); Comey is the political-whore that persecuted Martha Stewart over meaningless shit for the sake of his resume. [Compare what all the scumbag "Goldman Sachs" & "Eric Holder"-like guys do to what the wholesome Martha Stewart allegedly did, and that will give you some perspective on what an opportunistic jerk Comey is]... In Cleburne (TX), a liar-"cop" (Kevin Dupre) shot-dead a pet-dog that was wagging its tail (as evidenced by video); the victimized-family is only referred to by the dead-dog's name (i.e., "Maximus")... In L.A. (CA), greedy city'crats (e.g., Mike Bonin) are plotting to ban parking-spot "auction-apps" (because it'll cut into their parking-meter/ticket extortion-scams). [Everyone ought rebel by getting it at ""; let's see how they plan on monitoring thousands of cellphones with such-apps!]... In Monmouth County (NJ), gov't is insanely persecuting a man for trapping-n-eating raccoons-n-squirrels (as if such edible-vermin have "rights"); the victim is Mr. Aleksandr Borykan. [Such persecution has nothing to do with "animal-rights" and everything to do with preventing Americans from being food-independent!]... In Murrieta (CA), Mayor Alan Long (who's also a fire-chief) was arrested for drunk-driving that injured a bunch of cheerleaders. [That's sad because he supported the people who nobly protested the illegal-aliens being bussed-in]... In Watervliet (NY), the police-dep't wants Facebook-passwords from gun-permit applicants (i.e., they're unconstitutionally pitting 4th Amend.-rights against 2nd Amend.-rights whereby a citizen has to choose which one to sacrifice when exercising the other)...

======(SUN. Oct. 19, 2014):

News-Quick: Valuable U.S.-troops won't get full protective-gear when sent on their insane "ebola"-mission (i.e., some of them will be doomed for nothing!)... Disillusioned Democrats are walking-out on Obama whenever he speaks (i.e., they know he's just another "Bush" that played them for fools)...

Here're some worthy editorials: WND's Erik Rush, who wonders why 1,528-people died from ebola during a 36-yr-period but suddenly 4,000-people died from it during only the past-year; WND's Pat Buchanan, who opines on ebola with our nation in mind; WND's sexy Barbara Simpson and WND's sexy Diana West, who also opine on ebola but with our troops in mind; and, InfoWars's Michael Snyder, who goes off on the "insane" ebola/Obama-crap...

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======(MON. Oct. 20, 2014):

News-Quick: Ebola was part of a bio-weapons program during the '80s (i.e., "Project Coast" in South Africa); it was designed to target black-people there (according to Dr. Wouter Basson)... Obama deleted a "stop ebola"-petition for no good reason (other than his bad P.R. as "Pres. Obola")... Expelled-Nazis got to keep their annual U.S. Social-Security checks despite being known-scumbags living in foreign-lands; there were around 66 of them (with 4 still alive)... Male-vegans have lower sperm-counts (as well as lower-motility of existing-sperm)...

======(TUES. Oct. 21, 2014):

Corrupt Ferguson-Officials Prepare Public
For Final White-Wash Of Murderous-Cop!

Yep. It was rigged from the start: no cop-car camera, media-lies about the black-victim, vague police-reports, a secret grand-jury, suppressed protests -- and then probable planted-blood amid contradictory eyewitness-stories resulting in yet another sprung murderous white-cop. Can you say, "R-I-O-T"?! [If it's true that Michael Brown's blood was on the cop's gun & inside his car, then it probably means that the black-teen was trying to disarm a badged-maniac that was threatening his life over a jaywalking-incident. And if he was already wounded and running away from the badged-maniac, then it would be a crime for any cop to shoot him dead -- especially in the head, execution-style, after he had his hands up in surrender at a safe-distance away; even our battle-hardened combat-soldiers know that when facing the world's most-dangerous armed-enemy (which Michael Brown hardly resembled in a completely civilian-context)!]

NYPD-Coward Arrests Subway-Performer Despite MTA Rules...
Yep, instead of hunting-down violent-criminals, an unidentified badged-coward with the Brooklyn-area NYPD chose to hassle a harmless singer/guitarist (Mr. Andrew Kalleen) who was following the MTA's posted-rules inside the subway-station; commuters yelled at the stupid-"cop" (and later organized a protest) while the NYPD saw nothing wrong with the worthless-pig's bully-boy behavior...

6 Statist Alerts! In D.C., the Obama-Regime alters the prez's words on transcripts (i.e., lies to the American-People)... Also in D.C., the "u.s."-Military (e.g., "rear-adm." John Kirby) thinks it can violate Posse Comitatus for the sake of ebola (i.e., sending-in "strike-forces" into local-communities)... In Miami (FL), a fireman (Jason Hibbert) & cop-trainee (Matthew Navarro) were arrested for robbery, battery & impersonating a police-officer (i.e., punching & choking women while stealing their items). [Like European Nazi-Germany & the European Soviet-Union, this is the type of thugs that're being hired by our gov't inside Statist-AmeriKa that is becoming more-n-more like Europe. Vote Libertarian to turn the tide on such creeping-socialism (that'll eventually become as violent inside the so-called "benign" socialist-countries in today's "welfare-minded" Europe as collectivist-history merely repeats itself)]... In AL, a GOP "house-speaker" (Mike Hubbard) was arrested for felony corruption-charges (i.e., misusing his public-office for personal-gain) ... In Graniteville (NY), "Shariah"-like gov't is persecuting a lady-teacher over a sex-affair with a very-lucky student (who willingly got to impale her body with his erect-penis at least 30-times while bragging to his jock-friends); the "fatwa"-victim is Ms. Megan Mahoney... In Des Moines (IA), Shariah"-like gov't is persecuting a female school-worker over an alleged-affair with a lucky-student; the "fatwa"-victim is Ms. Dena Konrad...

======(WEDS. Oct. 22, 2014):

======(THURS. Oct. 23, 2014):

======(FRI. Oct. 24, 2014):

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