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======(SAT. Feb. 21, 2015):

2 Statist Alerts! In D.C., the "HHS"-bureaucracy messed-up 800,000 ObamaCare tax-forms (i.e., giving wrong info on "subsidies")... In Ontario (CA), "Shariah"-like gov't is persecuting a cop over an affair with a 17-yr-old woman (because she was technically "under-age", you see); the "fatwa"-victim is Ofc. Tyler Stone (who was forced to resign amid a meaningless arrest for having harmed no one). [He would've still had his job if he had murdered an innocent-person while in uniform (but gets destroyed for making love)!]...

======(SUN. Feb. 22, 2015):

George Washington .
Happy Birthday,
Pres. Washington!


News-Quick: GOP-darling Rudy Giuliani is getting grief for his recent statements (i.e., that he thinks Obama hates America due to his Communist-upbringing, Jeremiah Wright-influence and by the way he hesitates in criticizing Muslim-jihadists)... Hero-whistleblower Edward Snowden has a documentary that now won an Oscar (i.e., "Citizenfour")... America has been at war 222 out of 239 years (according to Washington Blog-writer "Danios")...

Here're some worthy editorials: Townhall's David Boaz, who praises George Washington on his birth-day; and, Townhall's Daniel J. Mitchell, who compares statist vs. less-statist nations' prosperty-levels (to see who fares better)...

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======(MON. Feb. 23, 2015):

4 Statist Alerts! In Fort Lauderdale (FL), a badged-punk ("ofc." Victor Ramirez) cowardly brutalized an old homeless-man for sleeping while wearing a hospital-bracelet (i.e., the man was probably ill rather than "drunk"); the pig was merely suspended (despite video-evidence of its crime)... In Key West (FL), unidentified badged-sadists were caught on video taser-torturing a "compliant" senior-citizen (who was also unidentified)... In MO, a sinister GOP-legislator (Doug Libla) wants to hide police cam-videos from the public (i.e., he wants to hide police crimes & corruption from the public); Democrat Atty.-Gen. Chris Koster also supports the sinister ban... In Hillsborough County (FL), "Shariah"-like gov't is persecuting a lady-teacher over an affair with a lucky teen-aged man (who happened to be a student); the "fatwa"-victim is Ms. Megan Connors...

======(TUES. Feb. 24, 2015):

News-Quick: Dictator Salman's Saudi Arabia sentenced a man to death for renouncing Islam and also arrested men for dancing at a private birthday-party... Thailand sent two young playwrights to prison for "insulting" the "kingdom'` (monarchy)... Muslim-nation U.S.-immigrants numbered 300,000 between 2010 and 2013 (more so than from Mexico & Central America combined!); Obama is also letting spouses of "skilled" VISA'd-foreign-workers in for no rational reason. [It's as if the Obama-Feds have plotted to cause an inevitable terrorist-attack in order to usher-in more police-state totalitarianism (i.e., a proverbial "false-flag" attack)]... 37-percent of New Yorkers are foreign-born (and they apparently can't even speak English!)... Alaska has legalized marijuana (at least in small amounts -- i.e., 28.3-grams and 6-plants). [I betcha super-sexy Sarah Palin will smoke some weed with Todd before their kinky fuck-sessions that ought be on video for our enjoyment]...

======(WEDS. Feb. 25, 2015):

======(THURS. Feb. 26, 2015):

======(FRI. Feb. 27, 2015):

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