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======(SAT. Sept. 13, 2014):

3 Statist Alerts! In AZ, the Obama-Feds arrogantly waste millions of our tax-dollars on border-agent housing (e.g., spending $700,000 per-house that ought cost around $90,000)... In L.A. County (CA), Obama-Feds are seizing million-dollar homes from mere "drug-suspects" (who're unconstitutionally presumed guilty until proven innocent whereby the gov't is allowed to destroy their ability to hire the best lawyers, etc., by seizing their assets like Nazis)... Also in L.A. County (CA), an ex-Dem.-legislator (Rod Wright) only got 3-months jail for a felony perjury & voting-fraud conviction (but at least he can't hold public-office for the rest of his life)...

======(SUN. Sept. 14, 2014):

News-Quick: ISIS-terrorists now beheaded a British-hostage on video (with more such YouTube snuff-films to come)... N. Korean-commies gave a U.S.-hostage 6-yrs hard-labor amid a mock-"trial"; the victim is Mr. Matt Miller... Antarctic sea-ice is at record levels this year (i.e., "glo-baloney warming")...

Here're some worthy editorials: NYTimes's Bob Ackerman, who decries Obama's shirking of "War Powers Act"-limits with "Bush-Lawyer"-like zeal; and, InfoWars's Andrew Napolitano, the Good-Judge who decries Obama using Bush's statism as a precedent to justify his own (that'll only be perpetuated by the next-prez unless we now rise-up)...

Kathy Wolf This week's home-shopping "pussy-pick" goes to HSN's Kathy Wolf,
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Jane Velez NewsBabe Alert!
Let's sneak-a-peek at our favorite lesbian-newsbabe: Ahh, yes,
CNN/HLN's Jane Velez is still looking blowjob-perfect and
very fuckable from a hetero-perspective! As a fun-loving lady,
Sweet Jane always loves to shake her
super-fine booty when given the chance!

======(MON. Sept. 15, 2014):

Police-State, USA:
Cops Brutalize Terminally-Ill Man For
Walking Around In A Feeble, Ill Manner!

Yep. It happened in Westover, WV. The victim is Mr. Jeff Banes and the victimizers are unidentified-cowards from the Westover Police Dep't. His "crime"? Walking in a park with his children while suffering from Huntington's Disease that unsteadys his gate...

Racist LAPD-Cops 'Cuff Black-Actress
For Kissing & Hugging White-Boyfriend!

Yep. The victim is Ms. Danielle Watts, who was assumed to be a "prostitute" for merely being with a white-man in public and also being "sexual" with him (i.e., kissing & hugging). [Where do they hire such LAPD-morons from -- Westover, WV?! Don't they realize that it's not the '50s any more -- i.e., that we've gone past the pre-Civil Rights-era?!]

6 Statist Alerts! In D.C., the Obama-Regime is wasting billions of our tax-dollars on failed Afghan-programs (according to U.S. Inspector-General John Sopko)... Also in D.C., the U.S. Navy is illegally spying on civilians' p.c.s in the name of "law-enforcement" (e.g., GA's "NCIS-agent" Steve Logan using "RoundUp"-software to track child-porn in WA)... In L.A. County (CA), the "LAUSD" school-district acquired grenade-launchers, assault-rifles & an MRAP war-vehicle from the Obama-Feds ... In San Diego County (CA), the "SDU" school-district acquired an MRAP war-vehicle from the Obama-Feds... In Spartanburg (SC), a gov't-school "principal" (Aaron Fulmer) disgracefully seized U.S.-flags from cars on 9/11 for no rational reason; the disgrace occurred at Woodruff High. [Would he've done that to Mexican-flags?! And, if so, don't ya think there would've been bigger media-outrage?!]... In Orangevale (CA), unidentified edu'crats wouldn't let a girl wear a T-shirt in honor of 9/11-victims on its day; the girl's stepdad (Mr. Tim Foster) was told it violated "dress-code". [Get your precious American-kids out of those anti-American pest-holes that're called "public-school"!!!]...

======(TUES. Sept. 17, 2014):

News-Quick: Our alleged-"friend" Turkey seems to be abetting ISIS-terrorists (in terms of funding and refusing to join any coalition-fight against them)... Techno-elitist Steve Jobs wouldn't let his own kids play with iPads (i.e., he knew that such gizmos "dumb kids down" amid potential health-hazards)...

======(WEDS. Sept. 18, 2014):

======(THURS. Sept. 19, 2014):

======(FRI. Sept. 20, 2014):

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