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======(SAT. July 26, 2014):

4 Statist Alerts! In Santa Ana (CA), a "cop"-gang was caught brutalizing a surrendered burglary-suspect; the victim (Mr. Miguel Vargas) survived the attack... In TX, GOP-Gov. Rick Perry wants Congress to ban online-gambling (i.e., he's probably getting prez-campaign payola from casino-mafioso that wanna maintain a statist-monopoly)... In L.A. (CA), a 4-time felony-convicted "councilman" (Richard Alarcon) will still get a massive, $116,000-per-year pension; the privileged-scumbag was involved in perjury and vote-fraud... In D.C., city'crats arrogantly stuck taxpayers with a $14,000-bill for a lavish, red-carpeted Las Vegas-convention...

======(SUN. July 27, 2014):

News-Quick: Biden's son (Hunter) is a board-member of Ukraine's top oil-n-gas company (i.e., Burisma Holdings)... Super-sexy Sarah Palin now has her own online "TV"-channel (for a fee, of course). [She should do "" and make bundles of money by the hour!]...

Here're some worthy editorials: WND's Erik Rush, who nobly challenges the gov't/media-complex's anti-Russian-script regarding the Malaysian-plane shoot-down; Townhall's Pat Buchanan, who astutely defends Pres. Putin from the Western-warmongerers' smears with the use of historical facts (great piece!); LewRockwell's Bill Bonner, who also defends Pres. Vladimir Putin amid the sleazy propaganda-campaign; Reason's Jesse Walker, who says that the latest-polls show Americans are vastly against any kind of aid or military intervention in Ukraine (e.g., 76-percent against sending in a single U.S.-soldier); TenthAmendmentCenter's John Whitehead, who informs us about the "American Police-State"; and, CapMag's John Stossel, who takes-on the Nazi-like "SWAT"-raids (check-out his great "Policing America: Security vs. Liberty"-special that's on FOX right now!)...

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